Types of Buses in Cambodia

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Go to Cambodia? You have to travel by Bus or Minivan to cities around Cambodia. Easy to travel in Cambodia, There are many buses and minivans available.

  • Buses: ฺBuses are the most common buses found in Cambodia. They will generally have 30 – 40 seats. The seat will recline partially. and there are five bus types service is Bus, Hotel Bus, Night Bus, Luxury Bus, and Luxury Hotel Bus. For distance travel, We recommend choosing to travel by Hotel Bus and Luxury Bus.
  • Minivan: Traveling in Cambodia by Minivan is often faster than by bus. Minivans have 10 – 15 seats. The Minivan is comfortable enough for any day trip in Cambodia.
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Seat map on Minivan

Minivan in Cambodia
Minivan seats by Go Ho Travel
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Minivan seats by Travel Mart
Minivan 10 seats by Larryta

Seat map on Bus

Hotel Bus in Cambodia
Seat on the Hotel Bus by Virak Buntham
Night Bus in Cambodia
Seat on the Night Bus by Larryta
Luxury Bus in Cambodia
Seat on the Luxury Bus by Chan Moly Roth Transportation

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