Bus Bangkok to Cambodia

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Travelling from Bangkok to Cambodia by bus is a great way to explore the culture and beauty of both countries. The journey will take you from the bustling city of Bangkok to the ancient city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Along the way, you will pass through stunning landscapes, fascinating cities and vibrant villages that offer a glimpse into traditional life in Southeast Asia. With so much to explore, taking a bus from Bangkok to Cambodia is an unforgettable experience.

Bus Bangkok to Siem Reap Timetable

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1Go Ho TravelMinivan02:0010:008 h.
2NattakanSeating Bus03:3011:308 h.
3Go Ho TravelMinivan04:00 12:008 h.
4Go Ho TravelMinivan08:0016:008 h.
5NattakanSeating Bus08:3016:308 h.
6Go Ho TravelMinivan09:30 17:308 h.
7NattakanSeating Bus09:45 17:157.30 h.
8Travel MartMinivan10:3018:007.30 h.
9Travel MartMinivan13:0021:258.25 h.
10Go Ho TravelMinivan13:30 21:308 h.

Bus Bangkok to Phnom Penh Timetable

1Virak BunthamVIP VAN02:00 14:0012 h.
2 Saly VIPMinivan05:0019:0014 h.
3Virak BunthamCoaster 16 Seats06:0018:0012 h.
4Virak BunthamVIP VAN07:0020:0013 h.
5Virak BunthamCoaster 16Seats09:0020:3011.30 h.
6Travel MartMinivan13:0005:3016.30 h.
7Travel MartMinivan13:0006:0017 h.
8Saly VIPSleeping Bus14.0005.3015.30 h.
9Saly VIPSleeping Bus14.0005.0015 h.